From The Store To Your Floor - Youíve decided that carpet is the best flooring choice for your home. Now what? Thereís a lot to consider and many great options from which to choose. Todayís carpet offers a wide variety of choices in style, fiber composition and color. Here is some information that will help you find the perfect carpet for your needs.

Where to Start -
Before purchasing carpet, you should answer the following questions:

How is the room going to be used?
Will it have heavy or light traffic?
Will the room be the center of activity for family and entertaining?
Is there direct access from outside, or will the carpet be away from entrances?
Will the carpet receive direct sunlight?
Your answers will determine many of your choices, from color to carpet construction and more. If you still have questions, your carpet dealer should be able to help give you expert guidance.

Here are a few things to consider before selecting your carpet:

High Traffic Households
Households with Elderly Individuals
Pets in the Home
Heated Flooring
Outdoor Carpet

A Rainbow Of Choices - If a room is your interior design canvas, carpet is your paint brush. It can be neutral, complementing the other visual elements in the room. Or, it can be a bold, focal point of the room, making a statement. Because carpet comes in nearly every color imaginable, the choice is yours.

The ever-popular beige carpet can make a room look spacious. For a bolder statement, you might match your carpet to a common color in your furniture and draperies. Environmental colors, like blues, deep greens, rosy quartz and stony neutrals are becoming increasingly popular. Warm colors can turn up the heat in a room that lacks light, while cool greens and blues have a calming effect. Lighter colors make the room seem larger; darker colors provide coziness.

There are also practical considerations in color selection. New stain and soil-resistant technology makes today's lighter color carpet much easier to clean, allowing for more decorating options. Medium and darker colors, tweeds and textures are good at hiding soil in your home's high-traffic areas.

Another consideration: the color of your carpet will look different under different lighting conditions. So make sure to take your samples home and look at them by daylight and by lamplight.

Understanding Carpet Fibers:
To get the best performance and most enjoyment out of your carpet itís essential to select a carpet fiber that fits your needs. The majority of the carpet produced in the United States contains one of five primary pile fibers: nylon, polyester, polypropylene (olefin), triexta and wool. Synthetic fibers represent the vast majority of the fiber used to manufacture carpet in the U.S. Each fiber type offers somewhat different attributes of durability, abrasion resistance, texture retention, stain and soil resistance, colorfastness, ease of cleaning and color clarity. Manufacturers, retailers, specifiers, and designers are valuable resources in helping you determine the most appropriate fiber and carpet construction for your needs.

To effectively choose the best carpet for your living space please refer to Carpet Types

Courtesy of the Carpet and Rug Institute